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We're Leaning Oak Frenchies - experienced French Bulldog breeders. We raise incredible pups that make great companions. Come meet us!
Founded with love of the breed


Frenchies are charmers! They happily adapt to life with singles, couples, or families, and do not require a lot of outdoor exercise. You will love them in a minute!​
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Our Puppies

We offer a 1 year health guarantee. 10 days for communicable diseases and 1 year for congenital defects.

Health is a top priority to us. We have close relationships with local veterinarians who work closely with us to ensure each is in tip top health at all times. 

We send our puppies home with a Starter Kit, toy, all documentation and a few extra surprises. We like to ensure the new owners are off to a great start with the essentials.

Puppies are raised in our home and are handled from birth multiple times a day. We love this babies as if they were our own children. They will be WELL loved and spoiled before going to their new forever homes.  We are start them on potty training so the transition at their new home is a bit easier.

French Bulldogs are hilarious and charming companions known for their playful nature and emotional intelligence. Their spunky personalities and affectionate tendencies make them beloved members of many families. Despite their small size, these dogs have a big impact on their owners and will leave a lasting impression. We are excited to introduce you to our bunch of anti-crazy Frenchies that we are sure will warm your heart.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” -Roger Caras.

Marcus Aurelie, Frenchie owner